In order to protect and counteract the effect of the COVID – 19 pandemic, it is necessary to disinfect contaminated surfaces that are in direct contact with the potentially diseased. Disinfection of contaminated outdoor areas, especially in large cities, is expensive and requires a large number of workers and machinery to be engaged in the process. Corten Art has developed a stainless steel disinfection tunnel and is equipped with atomizers (nozzles) that disperse the disinfectant into micro droplets. The system has many advantages, highlighting the drastic reduction in water and disinfectant consumption, as much as 15 times compared to the traditional disinfection system. To further reduce consumption, the tunnel is equipped with an automatic movement system that detects a person, activates jets and automatically shuts off after disinfection. Atomizers guarantee a uniform distribution of the disinfectant across the surface to be treated, while minimizing moisture ingress into clothing and footwear. After going through the disinfecting runel, the user is sure that the potential contamination with the virus has been eliminated and that he can safely continue his activities. Disinfection tunnels will be used at busy locations. They are intended for anyone who is in contact with potential virus carriers. Disinfection tunnels are applicable for hospitals, companies with a large number of employees, markets, super markets, shopping malls, schools, colleges, etc…

Advantages over other systems:

  • Low cost of component maintenance
  • Easy accessibility of components
  • Durability – A durable stainless steel construction
  • Elegant design that does not disturb the surrounding appearance of the building or space
  • The whole system operates at a pressure of up to 6 bars unlike other available systems that operate at a pressure of 70 bars and therefore it is easy to find working and spare components.
  • Certified product and approved for use (3A and CE mark)
  • Disinfection tunnel meets European Directives MD 2006/42 / EC, LVD 2014/35 / EU, EMC 2014/30 / EU and EC 1935/2004
  • The disinfection tunnel is designed as a Plug and play system and does not require operator training
  • Drastic reduction of water and disinfectant consumption, as much as 15 times compared to the traditional disinfection system

Institute of Rheumatology

Institute for Orthopedic and Surgical Diseases “Banjica”

Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases Dedinje

Health center “Dr. Draga Ljocic” Sabac

Clinic for Infectious and Tropical Diseases “Prof. Dr. Kosta Todorovic “

City Administration of the City of Šabac

General Hospital Dr. “Laza K. Lazarevic”, Sabac

Institute of Neonatology, Belgrade, Serbia